World Suicide Prevention Day - Thursday 10th September

Each year on 10 September World Suicide Prevention Day is marked, it is an awareness day  to provide worldwide commitment and action to prevent suicides

In light of WSPD, where this year's theme is connections, we wanted to share some helpful websites and resources:

Every Life Matters - have provided a number of digital resources to help get conversations started

Samaritans - provide facts and figures to make suicide prevention a priority

NHS - a range of information including useful helpline numbers,coping and what to do if you are worried about someone

National Suicide Prevention Alliance - Discuss how connection is important within suicide prevention

International Association for Suicide Prevention - hold a number of resources and films around suicide prevention

Young Minds - provide information and support to young people around suicide

Papyrus - support the prevention of young suicide

Public Health Scotland - Animations for supportive conversations on mental health and suicide

Health Scotland - A guide to talking, listening and reducing stigma around suicide

United to Prevent Suicide - urging people to sign up to play their role in preventing suicide, a range of resources are provided to anyone registering (you can find their art of conversation book at the bottom of this page or contact for more suicide prevention information)

You'll be redirected straight to the selected website from the links in bold above

If you want to know more about WSPD or the work that Thrive are doing to support this then please get in touch

The Art of Conversation

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