What We Do

Act Early

Thrive Outcomes

These are the outcomes that we expect for Edinburgh citizens and people using mental health services and support:


People have choice and control


People are recovering, staying well and can live the life they want to lead


People feel connected and have positive relationships


People are living in settled accommodation of their choice where they feel safe and secure


People have opportunities to learn, work and volunteer


People receive good quality, person-centred help, care and support.  

System and financial outcomes


Timely access to high quality person centred help and support when and where it is needed


Reduced levels of mental and emotional distress


Reduction in unplanned and crisis health and social care utilisation, including emergency response as well as institutional placements

Thrive Welcome Team

Rapid Impact Assessment: Interim Findings (October 2020)

Over the past year, with support from the Innovation Unit, the design team have been busy co-designing the Thrive Welcome Team and Collectives and we are delighted to be able to bring you the model which will be prototyped in 2020 in Edinburgh!

Thrive Welcome Teams will be the point of access for mental health support in each locality. The multi-disciplinary team and multi-agency team will work with individuals to find the right help when needed.

This will include social, therapeutic and medical help. They will:

Be the first point of contact for specialist mental health services (and be accessible quickly)
Hold initial conversations with people
Help people develop their own Thrive Plan
Assess risk, and help people keep themselves and others safe
Connect people to positive activities and learning opportunities
Meet people in different community settings, rather than just clinical buildings, and ensure they build genuine relationships with people and truly understand their experiences and aspirations
Ensure that the right people access targeted and specialist services without long waiting times
Reconnect people to their support network in the community

Thrive Collective

The Thrive Collective services and support will be directly commissioned through Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership and will include our statutory mental health services. There will be a range of services, programmes and activities which provide interconnected social, practical, emotional, medical and clinical support which people need to improve their lives. The Welcome Team will work closely with the collective to ensure that people get the right support through facilitating access to a range of support.

Thrive Values

All services and support commissioned to deliver on behalf of Thrive will be underpinned by shared values and should embrace these during all interactions with people, other staff and colleagues, and organisations:

We make shared decisions and value peoples skills and experiences
We always work collaboratively with a flattened hierarchy
We always build trust and foster empathetic and honest relationships
We are always person centred
We show kindness and compassion and treat people with respect and dignity
We always start with people’s strengths and build on these
We always engage people as citizens in their community and embrace the whole person
We give permission to try new things, adapt, and learn
We deeply believe our people are our greatest assets
We always treat people as equal partners