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People living in cities around the world care about their mental health and the mental health of their fellow residents; they also know that urbanization - living amongst masses of people with its related stressors and burdens - can often be toxic to mental health and well-being.

As the process of urbanization accelerates around the world, the sheer scale of the mental health challenge cities face is ever more daunting.

The Thrive Collaboration offers a fresh and exciting public health approach to urban mental health, built on explicit principles for action that guide, anchor, and align work along the wide breadth of its vision.  Aligning with the priorities of the Community Plan, Edinburgh Poverty Commission, and the aspirations of the Regional Deal and City Vision 2050, Thrive Edinburgh offers an opportunity for the Capital City to not only reduce the toll of mental illness, but also promote and protect the citizens of Edinburgh’s mental health, resilience, self-esteem, family strength, and joy. Set under:

Thrive Adult  Health and Social Care Commissioning Plan
Edinburgh Thrive Strategy Roadmap
4 Guiding Principles
Change the Conversation.
Change the Culture.

mental health is everybody’s business.

Act early.

build resilience and protective factors at all life stages.

Partnering with communities.

listening and learning from each other.

Using and creating evidence and data to drive change.

creating an inquiring culture which builds evidence from practice.

4 Objectives
Identify and address root causes

enhance early developmental experience; resilience and social support

Focus on those who are at highest risk

higher risk of illness, greater threat to mental health

Provide treatment that is easy to access and makes difference

places based responses

Building resilience and enhancing support

people to live well and meet their potential

6 Workstreams

There are 6 work streams which the Commissioning Plan for Adult Healthand Social Care Plan is structured around:

Building Resilient Communities
A Place to Live
Get Help When Needed
Closing the Inequalities Gap
Rights in Mind​
Meeting Treatment Gaps

Spearheaded by the city's Lord Provost and the Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership, Thrive Edinburgh aims to draw on - and plug into - the ongoing work of the City Vision, Edinburgh's Poverty Commission, community plan and City Region Deal. It will bring the City of Edinburgh Council, NHS, third sector and academia together to build upon the work of current providers of emotional and mental health services.

Dr Linda Irvine Fitzpatrick who has led on the development of Thrive Edinburgh empathisizes the values of kindness, respect and love with underpin Thrive Edinburgh and these can translate into the public sphere:

“Never forget that justice is what love looks like in public.” (Cornell West)

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