Thrive Briefing #20

Connect, Connect, Connect: our latest issue of the weekly Thrive briefings is now available

In this edition we have updates from 2 national social movements United Against Suicide and the Scottish Recovery Network. The work of the Edinburgh Poverty Commission also details the social movement it will leave as its legacy. Thrive Edinburgh is involved with all these key movements and we encourage all our partners to get involved or continue their involvement.

Thanks as always for all your contributions and for your continuing feedback. Please keep sending us your ideas.

“Whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly.” (Martin Luther King)

Thrive Briefing #20

Latest News

The Gathering - Saturday 14th May

Programme of events for The Gathering

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Thrive Briefing #35

Our latest thrive briefing

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Let's Coorie in for Winter

Scottish mental health and wellbeing charity, Health in Mind, and Thrive Edinburgh – the Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership’s strategy for improving mental health and wellbeing – have partnered up once again to launch its wellbeing booklet: Coorie in for Winter

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Progress Update on Thrive Pillars and Workstreams

The update sets out the aspirations of Thrive Edinburgh, what we have delivered against our Thrive Pillars and our Adult Health and Social Care Workstreams and Change Programmes which will inform our planning for the next 3 years.

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