Prototyping 2020

Over the past year, with support from the innovation unit, the design team have been busy co-designing the Thrive Welcome Team and Collectives and we are delighted to be able to bring you the model which will be prototyped in  2020 in Edinburgh!

Thrive Welcome Teams will be the point of access for mental health support in each locality.  The multi-disciplinary team and multi-agency team will work with individuals to find the right help when needed. This will include social, therapeutic and medical help.

The Thrive Collective services and support will be directly commissioned through Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership and will include our statutory mental health services. There will be a range of services, programmes and activities which provide interconnected social, practical, emotional,medical and clinical support which people need to improve their lives. The Welcome Team will work closely with the Collective ensure that people get the right support through facilitating access to a range of support.

Thrive Community: Health is influenced by how our surroundings make us feel and the opportunities they provide.  Good places, spaces and buildings create opportunities to be more physically active; feel safe and secure, socialise and play; connect with people. We want to use the knowledge and skills of our communities, whether they are communities of interest or geographical communities, to mobilise actions which will promote mental health and wellbeing, address issues such as discrimination, stigma, loneliness and isolation and make sure that Edinburgh’s rich cultural assets are accessible to all.  We have an increasingly diverse population in terms of gender, age, race, sexuality who have come the city to study, work and live who all add to the social capital of the city. As part of the Thrive community, but not limited to, we recognise the contributions from Carers,friends and families; Neighbours; Community groups; Libraries; Schools and universities; and Faith groups.

North West locality began their prototyping at the end of January.  It’s started with start with a small number of people being invited to be seen by the Thrive Welcome Team. The Welcome Team will be using the Thrive plan and the Thrive conversation materials which were produced during the design phase.

If you would like to read more on the prototyping for our Thrive centres you can do so in edition 13 of our newsletter.

Or if you have a particular question please feel free to use our contact page to get in touch!

Thrive Newsletter Edition 13

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