Prospect deliver successful E-EIM adaptation 'walk through'

The Prospect team have been working alongside Thrive Edinburgh to ensure colleagues working in the NHS, public and 3rd sector organisations are provided with the most appropriate resources during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Prospect Model have shared their Edinburgh Early Intervention Model (E-EIM-CV19), an intervention adapted specifically for working with patients during COVID-19.

The model is suitable for ANY mental health worker working on a phone line/video call with those in distress. You do not need to be formally trained in any specific psychological therapy, however you do require clinical supervision.

E-EIM-CV19 is a 3 stage model for early response for use at ANY stage during the pandemic. The model consists of 8 possible sessions over three stages, with three potential exit points after sessions 2, 4 or 8. The model may be delivered remotely using telephone or video technology.

Dr. Catherine McKinven and Dr. Richard Cosway have been providing ‘walk through’ sessions via Microsoft Teams of the E-EIM-CV19. During the session, they went into further detail of the 3 stages of the model, and offered the space for a Q&A at the end.  These were met with great enthusiasm from attendees.

If you wish to gain any further information about E-EIM-CV19, the manual and summary sheets can be found here

E-EIM-CV19 Manual

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