Progress Update on Thrive Pillars and Workstreams

Planning to reset, renew and refresh our actions that we will take forward over the next three years

We all recognise the enormous impact that the pandemic has had on people who were already experiencing mental illness or poor mental health, the impact on our young people whose lives have been so curtailed, to people struggling with anxiety and depression; to people whose livelihoods have been threatened, to those who have experienced loss and bereavement; of people who felt lonely and isolated and who have not been able to be with their loved ones - it has been overwhelming and more than ever people have become aware of their mental health and wellbeing; of dealing with anxiety, uncertainly and fear; of being mindful of checking in with ourselves and with other people of being starkly aware of we have all important kindness and compassion is. It is within this context that we need to reset, renew and refresh our actions that we will take forward over the next three years.

The below document sets out the aspirations of Thrive Edinburgh, what we have delivered against our Thrive Pillars and our Adult Health and Social Care Workstreams and Change Programmes. There is a short summary of the Government’s national mental health strategy and the national Recovery and Renewal plan that is in place, supported with additional funding allocations.

This document provided a helpful overview in advance of our stakeholder session on 29 October where we began to renew reset and refresh our priorities considering the pandemic.

Please contact us if you would like any further information.

Thrive Pillars and Workstreams Progress Update

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